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About the place

We can provide you, your family and your loved ones the right place and atmosphere for gathering and sweet company.


Our goals

Providing a variety of services and distinguished food with the finest types of unique and diverse meats, with the best quality and the best price.

Our services

Why is everyone talking about El Temsaah Village?!!!

  • Because we have everything you need, Bedouin, oriental and rural food.

  • Getting bored here is forbidden, you will enjoy the landscape, the sound of birds and waterfalls.

  • You will eat on tables in the form of fish tanks, and our meat is 100% local.

  • Challenge us and we will leave you to try our food and tell us what you think.

  • We have deer and ostrich meat

  • We have a rural corner in which there are feteer meshaltet, falahi  crackers, local ghee and honey.

  • We are fully prepared to hold parties, whether inside or outside the village.

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